The Mateko Story

Beverley Owusu is the visionary founder behind Mateko Resortwear. Growing up in London, she noticed the lack of representation of African prints in society. As she matured, Beverley felt a desire to express her appreciation for her Ghanaian heritage .

Tired of the dull color palettes and mundane designs of Western fashion, she turned to the vibrant colors and bold motifs of wax prints, which inspired her to create something modern that would tell her personal story of growth and cultural fusion.As a member of the Ghanaian diaspora, Beverley integrated elements from both Ghanaian and UK cultures to shape the identity of Mateko.

"Where Every Print Tells a Story, Every Piece Takes You on a Journey."

-Beverley Owusu

  • "Changing the narrative"

    Promoting positive stories of Africa, countering stereotypes, and highlighting its rich culture and economic potential.

  • Mateko, as brand is committed to promoting African travel and tourism, making a positive impact on the continent through sustainable practices, social and economic initiatives. 2% of all sale go to social impact projects.

    At Mateko, we are proud to use recycled fishing nets, for our swimwear and promote African manufacturing, creating a sustainable brand with a mission to change the narrative of Africa and make a positive impact on the continent. Join us on our journey to create walking art and a cohesive wardrobe with pieces that tell a story.

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